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Direct User Interface
Batch Load DXF/DWG files
User can select and preview DXF/DWG files and batch load them, many repetitive operations are reduced.
Set Part Properties Conveniently
User can setup Part Properties by double clicking, such as Part Count ,Nest Priority , and Rotate Angle.
Detailed Nest Result
The system provides detailed nest result, including Material Utilization, Nest Time Consumed, Nest Statistics, Sheet Preview etc.
Main Functionalities
Support Part-in-Part Nesting
The system has multiple part-in-part nesting function, customer can get the best material utilization by this technology which is also our core competitiveness.
Support Interspaces Nesting
Interspaces between parts are filled in smaller parts, then material utilization is improved.
Parts Nesting Priorities Setting
In order to get best nesting optimization result, user can setup part priority based upon experience and practical situation.
Part Nesting Rotate Angle Setting
User can specify the rotate angle of the part on sheet.
Part Boundary Inspection
The system will check the part boundary and show the results in the list before nesting.
Plentiful Nesting Settings
The system will provide plentiful nesting settings, including Nesting Start Angle, Nesting Direction, Boundary Distance, Parts distance.
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