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    NestLeader is a nesting software with simple interface, it is easy to use and no need of specific knowledge. Everyone can use it by some clicks in seconds, you can get best layout in second thanks to powerful nesting algorithm we have. All nesting algorithm is in-house developed, it promise us the ability to provide on-time support and quick response to our customers.

    NestProfessor(the DLL library with API document) provides you the ability to integrate the nesting function in your own software solution. We provide customize development also and each user can benefit from our over 15 years experience in CAD/CAM domain.

    Up to now, our nesting software solution has been used in wide range of industries, sheet metal, wood router, glass, dent, fabric&foam cutting, clothing, package, ERP and quotation system.


NestLeader 2.6(User Edition)

Package Size:12.22MB
Platform:Windows XP/Vista/Windows7


NestProfessor Programmer Edition 7.0 NEW

Package Size:25.6MB
Platform:Windows XP/Vista/Windows7


CutLeader V5.6
Package Size: 160.6MB
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/Windows7

CutLeader V5 Descritption: PDF File link

CutLeader Nesting Technology: PDF File link

CutLeader Demo Video: Video File link

Only 7 steps from DXF/DWG to NC/G code output!

Industry Applications
Sheetmetal part nest
Clothes pattern layout
Wood manufacture
1 Printing business
Tanning industry
High Material Utilization
Support part-in-part function
Support interspace nesting
Support remnant function

Nesting Samples:

rectangle nesting
letters nesting
true shape nesting
nesting in remnant material and dent nesting
part-in-part nesting
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