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TAOSoft Corporation was set up in Shanghai the economic center of China. We mainly engage in industrial software/SDK development, sales, training and after-sales service and technical support. TAOSoft Corporation pays high attention to the training and the establishment of software/SDK development, training and technical support team at the beginning. With the help of many management and development talents, after several years of unremitting efforts, TAOSoft Corporation has established a branch of considerable size and strength of the software engineering team in manufacturing industry. We have professionals in software/SDK development, software training, technical support and service and have established a relatively perfect system of pre-and after-sales service system.



NestLeader 2.6(User Edition)

Update Date :2012-10-15
Package Size:12.22MB
Platform:Windows XP/Vista/Windows7


NestProfessor Programmer Edition 4.0 NEW

Update Date:2013-06-24
Package Size:25.6MB
Platform:Windows XP/Vista/Windows7

Industry Applications
Sheetmetal part nest
Clothes pattern layout
Wood manufacture
1 Printing business
Tanning industry
High Material Utilization
Support part-in-part function
Support interspace nesting
Support remnant function
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